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Family Counseling

      Strengthen your family’s foundation as each of you learn to work towards greater understanding, respect, communication, and support. Family Counseling instills the idea in each of us that we are individuals, but are also a member of something bigger and grander than ourselves. Triad Family & Children's Services provides the tools necessary for families to not just live, but thrive in their home.

      Our desire in family therapy is to build a sense of self-worth, develop a voice, create harmony among wants and needs, and negotiate positions for every member of the family. Often times, one or more individuals struggle with either the willingness or the courage to speak for themselves. Others feel they have the “permission” to speak freely for everyone. Every family and situation is unique. We are here to develop these healing skills in your family. We help your family learn to constructively express feelings, learn to “really” listen to what others are trying to communicate, and discover how to participate in the give and take process.

Your Journey Starts Today

It’s time for change. We are ready, and we know you are, too.

We're Ready

We Help Your Family To:

Create Unity with Diversity

Strengthen Communication in Each Form

Eliminate Harmful Influence

Practice Assertion and Negotiation

Create Harmony During Transition

Accept the Past, Present, and Future

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